30mL – 10mg/mL

  • Boosts mental well-being
  • May increase fat loss
  • Increases lean muscle mass
  • May increase strength and stamina
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10 - 999 50 %


What is Lgd4033?

Lgd4033 is a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator, known as a SARM. The product was discovered by Ligand Pharmaceuticals. In their research and developing focusing on drugs to manage diseases such as MS and Osteoporosis

Lgd4033 in a simple context, binds to the androgen receptor of muscle tissue. And produces effects similar to anabolic and androgenic steroids, otherwise known as AAS. One distinct advantage of LGD-4033 is the fact is only partially binds to prostate tissue, which AAS do. This can useful in preventing prostate hypertrophy and other AAS related side effects.

Sarms such as Lgd4033 are often described as performance enhancing substances. Because their anabolic and androgenic activity is more isolated to muscle and bone. Meaning users will experience less androgenic side effects

LGD 4033 and it’s use in Bodybuilding


Lgd4033’s use in Bodybuilding has gained great popularity in the Fitness community, owing to their lack of side effects and potent performance and image enhancing effects.

Users of Lgd4033 report significant lean muscle mass, of which official studies back these claims. This particular product is often seen as an excellent tool for steroid users to bridge cycles, to maintain size and muscle mass. While using Lgd4033 as a primary drug for bodybuilding, users will often experience increases in strength, muscle mass, vascularity and reduction in adipose tissue.

This product is often used as being an excellent body re-composition tool, because of it’s fat loss and muscle building effects. When combined with others SARMs the effects can be similar to use of powerful AAS. Combining or known as “stacking” these SARMS can be a powerful and less HPTA suppressive method of gaining muscle and losing fat. If you wish to stack this product you can find more of our products here.


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