What is in Tiger Sarms products?

Tiger Sarms products use a group of research chemicals called SARMs, or selective ANDROGEN RECEPTOR MODULATORS. These are a new and pioneering supplement whic binds to the androgen receptor in the same way as anabolic steroids such as testosterone would. The result is the display of many of the same anabolic effects that traditional steroids produce, but without many of the harmful sides associated.

Are Tiger Sarms products legal?

Yes, all our products adhear to relevent government regulations for research products. Our products are a great alternative to highly illegal anabolic steriods, fat burners and hormones. These products are not bound by the Theraputic Goods Act 1989 and Product use and disclaimer should be thoroughly reviewed before purchase.

Are Tiger Sarms products safe to use?

Absolutely, we adhere to strict government regulations and guidelines when preparing, importing, and storing our products.

How do you measure your products?

All our products come with convenient 1ml glass droppers to ensure correct and accurate liquid allocations and our powders are measured to the mg to ensure accuracy in analysis.

How much do you get out of 1 bottle?

Each bottle is 30ml and depending on your research goals the average dose is around 1ml each day. So each bottle has around 30 doeses and will last for 1 month. We suggest you research most products for 8-12 weeks requiring 2-3 bottles.


Should you have any other questions feel free to contact us directly : sales@tigersarms.net